After downloading and sorting through the data that google, facebook, and twitter know about me I was actually surprised with what I found, or more specifically what I did not find. The sites as a whole can regurgitate searches and such that I have done in the past but this data is very limited and these sites had very little true information. Facebook for example could basically only show me things such as games I liked. I have a feeling I could have done better with a few minute looking at my Facebook profile myself. Now I can happily say that youtubes information is much better and I am able to find every last search i ever made on youtube which is helpful in case i need to find things again. But overall rather disappointing considering all the fear people place on what of my information exists on the internet. This being said I have taken various steps to avoid certain browsing habits and such from being recorded by using proxies, tor browsers, other settings, removing all cookies and logins, as I needed.