This page is a compilation of all my work that was submitted this semester for CPSC 104. Below is a quick synopsis of each page followed by a link to the page.

Macron Leaks – This article covered the events of the Macron Leak that occurred just days before the French Election and some of the possible impacts of this leak that could have occurred because of it. This article was a summary article of a larger article written about the events. Macron Leaks Article

How to stop the NSA – The last presentation presented at a recent Cyber Security conference called Usenix was given by the head of the NSA’s major hacking team. The presentation was given on the subject of just how to keep the NSA out of your systems. In the article, I covered the information given and give a brief description of each topic presented. NSA Article.

What the Internet Means for How We Think About the World – This article was a summary of a very long interview with the author of the book, “Too Big to Know”. The interview itself discusses how the internet has become a new medium for knowledge and how we are in the midst of a crisis because it is changing what knowledge truly means. We are no longer reliant on books and authors to be the expert of the field they are writing on, instead we can use the masses of people who each can bring something to the discussion to learn as much as possible. What the Internet Means for How We Think About the World

To cite or not to cite – In this article I discuss the issues that can occur when a person makes a post and does not cite the original sources, and how it is not only the original author that can suffer from a lack of citations, but also the target audience. To cite or not to cite

Censorship will always fail – In response to the original article, “China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works”, I discuss a few opposing views to the authors message. While the original author would have you believe that China’s censorship program has entered the final phases of completely sealing off it’s citizens from certain information, the citizens have begun fighting back and in very unique ways that are able to beat the censor and allow free information to pass the censor. Censorship will always fail

“All your devices can be hacked” – No, really… – A summary on the events of a Ted Talk, “All your devices can be hacked” – No, really…discusses two major hacks that was discovered by the scientific community that put human lives at stake and show just how dangerous hacking can be. The two hacks discussed were a wireless hack of a pace maker device, and the second was the wireless, and wired, hacks of a motor vehicle and the damages that can occur with these hacks.

How a Google Search Works – The last article discusses just how google is able to search millions of sites, find the ones that are important to the search, and rank them by order of importance in under half a second. The article goes in depth on the work that must be done before a search is started, as well as what happens when you hit the search button. How a Google Search Works.