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How a Google Search Works

Whenever you run a search on Google, millions of lines of code are executed to try and find the most relevant sites for your search term. To do this in the fastest possible time, Google uses a series of steps… Continue Reading →

“All your devices can be hacked” – No, really…

As someone Computer Science major with an interest in Computer and Cyber Security I am rarely surprised at this point whenever a new news article comes out detailing the newest hack of a major company or of some new threat… Continue Reading →

Censorship will always fail: A response to “China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works”

For this week’s writings, I read an article from the Washington Post entitled “China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works.”  The article in question was a very well written article, as one can expect from a major… Continue Reading →

To cite or not to cite

“Cite your sources.” The three most common words you hear in high school, and the three most dreaded words in college… well okay maybe after the final is cumulative. Regardless of where you last expected to hear those words, it… Continue Reading →

What the Internet Means for How We Think About the World

In the internet article titled “What the Internet Means for How We Think About the World”, Rebecca J. Rosen, the writer of the article holds an interview with David Weinberger, the author of a recently released book titled “Too Big… Continue Reading →

Advertiser profiles

After downloading and sorting through the data that google, facebook, and twitter know about me I was actually surprised with what I found, or more specifically what I did not find. The sites as a whole can regurgitate searches and… Continue Reading →

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